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Christopher Descano on Autumn Sun
thats awesome, great tones, morning or night?

Manchester Interactive Marketing on Autumn Sun
I am impressed for your photography.

Anneli - A'la Foto on Autumn Sun
Lovely wide-angle image, and so neat to see the sun's rays so clearly!

Film Archive London on Autumn Sun
Lovely pics. Marvelous keep it up...

shrugs and boleros on Autumn Sun
How do you get these fantastic photos??????????????? I supose it takes a decent camera and a lot of talent. Thank you ...

Modern Lighting on Autumn Sun
A memory burned into the little girl's mind, Eyes of tears, her face no longer shined. Years on later, her heart ...

eric on Autumn Sun
superb colors and lights, really I like !!

Moe Jones on All Gone
I love your pics. they are so good! LIke the beauty and splendor of Jah's city mentioned in Ezekiel and ...

Paco Díaz on Autumn Sun
Good composition and colors.

aesh on Autumn Sun
amazing landscape. what i like most about it is the texture of the grass. not bad also the post-processing effort. ...

Hache on Three Boats and a Sunrise
Beautiful photo and great colours!! I've been many times in Diland. I love this colours. I love this peaceful ...

Zahra on Autumn Sun
This shot is great and I actually really love the one of the shed!!!maybe you should put the original one as ...

LeenaM on Three Boats and a Sunrise
Tämän HDR tekniikan haluan oppia, kunhan nyt ensin jotain tolkkua saan Photoshopista:( Ihanan, ihana kuva!

LeenaM on Sands of Time
Missä tämä on, jotenkin muistelen nähneeni, mutta en sitä, missä! Hieno veistos ja hieno ...

LeenaM on Reflections
Ihanasti työstetty kuva! Ja Oulusta, syntymäkaupungistani, siellä Taskilan kaunginosassa lapsuuteni ...

Dimitrios on Autumn Sun

Frida on Autumn Sun
I love this, what a beautiful scene. Well done!

JustShenn on All Gone
Nicely Done .. Sweet Looking

Laurent on Autumn Sun
Great place i would like to be. I love lakes like this. This is a wonderful autumn picture. Great shot. Have a good ...

Pau on Autumn Sun
Very good picture, I like the landscape with a lake, as well as those rays of light fall on the right. Brilliant!

Nathan on Three Boats and a Sunrise
Beautiful HDR. I haven't created a HDR that has turned out the way I liked yet. I guess I'll have to ...

annora on Vintage
wow a definite good find it is!

Sven on Reflections
I would like to thank all of you for nice comments.

Stefan on Reflections
I love it, great work!

badala on Reflections
That one was just magic.

Sandrine on Reflections
Another excellent shot!

Sandrine on The Formation
I love it! Excellent!

Double KK Photography on Ferriss Wheel
very cool

Double KK Photography on The Formation
very nice photo

Richard_Irwin on The Formation
Thats really beatiful, and superbly worked

Judit on The Formation
Beautiful image, really soft. Well done!

Pouhou on The Formation
wow awesome

amy on Autumn Bench
Beautiful treatment... beautiful image.

amy on The Formation
Magical is the best description.. and gorgeous!!

KatherineM Photography on The Formation
Great capture

Steph on The Formation
So cool and soft, great capture

Daniel on The Formation
that is nice.

ManuelaR Photography on The Formation
Yes, magical fits it perfectly ;)

Evi on The Formation

badala on The Formation
That one was just magic.

Dimitrios on The Formation
it has a pleasing symetry

Stefan on Autumn Bench
Exellent work, wonderful atmosphere!

Richard_Irwin on Autumn Bench
Gorgeous processing, fantastic and magestic tree and composition is spot on

Sandrine on Autumn Bench
Gorgeous! Excellent processing! on The Load
very cool processing! love this style...

Photo Traces on Three Boats and a Sunrise
amazing capture

Paul R. on Three Boats and a Sunrise beautifullll!.. Love those clouds reflections... Do you have the BW version of this shot? I wonder how ...

Johnny Soedomo on The Load
nice shot.. like the post-processing as well

Stefan on The Load
looks great, fine pic!

Sharon on Fragile
great job considering the circumstances!

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